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Once upon a time there lived a little prince and he had a huge garden, but no friends… Everyone remembers this story and the conclusions made in it - we are responsible for those who tamed. Regrettably we forget these words of wisdom in our everyday life and remember it when its convenient. We bring our work problems to our families, and on the other side - we bring our private problems - to our work, without taking responsibility for our actions. We act rude in traffic cos no one could get us from our car and bring to a justice. Being an asshole came to a normal way of everyday life. And once we take time to think of our environment we ask ourselves - why is it rudeness everywhere? We don’t remember that we brought it to a world. Not a neighbor or a president or our boss. We did it, by ourselves. And only we are responsible for that. That’s why every word of wisdom in all kind of ways says - the answer is inside you. Go, check your inner spirit and...
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you’ll find all the answers. Change yourself and the world will change. It will work, because it worked once. We built this world around us, and we continue building it, every single day of our lives. And its only our decision - will it be better tomorrow or not. Responsibility for our own actions gives us freedom to decide what will our world be tomorrow. It is very simple and very difficult at the same time. Let’s look at one straight example: «If you go kill someone today - you’ll be in jail one of the next days». This one has no doubt. Everyone knows this. Let’s change the words, without changing the meaning: «If you do something bad today - bad thing happens with you for that once». And no one believes this one, although it’s the exact same thing. Responsibility for our actions brings us to a very popular concept of karma. Some people treat it like a religion or something to pray for, trying to deceive it or doing other things that they’re doing with their Gods. But karma is all about responsibility and being yourself. And you can’t cheat yourself, even if you try very hard.
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