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How to be good 5/...


Actions are needed. The world evolves because of actions. But it also degenerates because of actions. Speaking about karma, responsibility, patience and feelings, I consciously didn’t mention any particular actions. Everyone’s acting like he (or she) wants to. Like he (or you know) feels right now. It really doesn’t matter what you think, what historical examples tell us, or what public opinion is. People act like they want to. Always. And they should always follow this simple thing. There are a huge variety of reasons, but the action is always a free will. Some people choose not to act at all. No matter what reasons were - it’s their choice - not to act. Some of them cover their passiveness with respectful reasons, some not, but the thing is - they don’t act, and it’s their own choice. Once, when I was a kid, my father told me - there are no desperate situations, because even if a shark ate you, you still has two options - to do something, or do nothing. That’s the point when this concept was brought in my head. Some people mix up patience and laziness. Every time you stop before doing something ask yourself - who, if not me, when if not now? And as soon as you find the straight answer - you may stop. But not before. Remember the one thing only - if you want something done right - do it yourself. If you can do something better - do it yourself. If you want to be proud of yourself - do something yourself. Or don’t complain. Never complain. We build this world around us, and we all want it to be beautiful. Let your mind generate right thoughts (inner action), so that you will say right words to people around (outer action), and it will definitely set the start to right actions directed to you (reaction). The concept of mirroring works even if you don’t know what it is. Because its physics. Take your time to think - whether or not something you do brings good in this world.

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