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В скайпе не общаюсь, но он автоматически подключается, когда я включаю ноутбук. А тут пользователь какой-то добавляется, сразу стало понятно, что спамеры, но любопытство меня одолело, решил пообщаться)))

[12:39:40] *** Пользователь Amanda хочет внести вас в свой список контактов Skype

hey are you online? ***

[13:25:17] *** Azizov Shakhin отправил контактные данные Amanda. ***

[13:25:20] Amanda: hey

[13:25:31] Azizov Shakhin: hi

[13:25:53] Amanda: hello my real name is Amanda.. :)

[13:26:28] Azizov Shakhin: ok) my name s Shahin)

[13:27:00] Amanda: I enjoy chatting with different people.. Would you like to chat now? Where do you live?

[13:27:25] Azizov Shakhin: Moscow, and you?

[13:27:43] Amanda: Can i ask you a quest?

[13:28:02] Azizov Shakhin: yeap

[13:28:31] Amanda: Do you get turned on by big booty women with big juggs? lol but for real because thats what i am/have..Can you handle that

[13:30:27] Azizov Shakhin: where are you from?

[13:30:59] Amanda: Have you ever heard of a whooty? Would you like to look at me i'll show you my Whooty....

[13:31:48] Azizov Shakhin: where are you from?and what is whooty?

[13:33:01] Azizov Shakhin: ok, already know

[13:33:31] Amanda: haha Whooty is a White Girl with a BOOTY! i want to show u mine...

[13:34:00] Azizov Shakhin: ok, let's go

[13:34:29] Amanda: ok i am going to fix up my cam for you honey..

[13:34:42] Azizov Shakhin: ok)

[13:35:15] Amanda: ok go to http://goo.gl/OXe4cp and we can go 1 on 1 chat. all you have to do is click Accept Invite on the lower left!

[13:37:57] Azizov Shakhin: oh this is fuckin shit))

[13:38:25] Amanda: Don't u worry honey its free to register to this website all you have to do is register

[13:38:56] Azizov Shakhin: and type Credit Card Number? no, thanks ahah

[13:39:15] Azizov Shakhin: but if you get it to me that's ok

[13:39:26] Amanda: fill out your credit card info for Age verification ONLY, your cc will not be charged.. ok I am ready for you now

[13:40:51] Azizov Shakhin: you can show your fuckin ass here ahah

[13:41:23] Amanda: What color Panties do you think i should wear? i should have your favorite color here somewhere...

[13:42:24] Azizov Shakhin: red of course

[13:42:55] Amanda: I'll do anything u want me to do.. Are you watching me? I can not webcam with u on the site till you register :(

[13:44:02] Azizov Shakhin: you can do it here)))

[13:44:33] Amanda: babe I'm soo Horny right now! Do Whatever U have to, to Cum inside! i'll spank my tits till its red for u!!!

[13:45:50] Azizov Shakhin: so take a photo

[13:46:23] Amanda: You are such a good boy, i'm going to show you what good boys deserve.. I will be waiting for u on the site...

[13:47:19] Azizov Shakhin: no, let's go in Skype, bitch

[13:47:40] Amanda: i'll be waiting 4 u! Goto http://goo.gl/OXe4cp and Join!

[13:49:01] Azizov Shakhin: get the fuck off with this site

[13:53:39] Azizov Shakhin: why do you not answer, kitty?

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