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Protest against Japan's territorial claims was held in the Far East of Russia.

Today, in the Russian Far East, in Khabarovsk City, a public organization "People's Liberation Movement" held a mass picket against the unfounded and unreasonable territorial claims of Japan to Russia.
It is obvious that this action is a response of the Russian people to the so-called Day of the "northern territories", which is annually celebrated in Japan on 7 February. On this day the Japanese continue to call the Russian southern Kurils their own.
It is worth noting that in Khabarovsk the picket was attended by over 70 people who were handing out leaflets, chanted "Kurily - Russian land." Sure, it proves the fact that the Russian public, especially in the Far East, have already have a firmly formed position on the matter of unreasonable Japanese claims to the Russian island.
The picketers also spoke about the inadmissibility of the Japanese demands to territory of the Republic of Korea, which today are often expressed in aggressive form. They recall that every year on February 22 in Japan a so-called "Takeshima Day" is conducted, which purpose is to express territorial claims of Tokyo to Korean territory.
In distributed leaflets was information about a very important for the Korean people historical fact: the Japanese refusal to recognize their army crimes against Korean women during the occupation of the Korean peninsula.
Thus, today it is necessary to pay attention to what is needed to prevent the штыщдуте rewriting of the history of Japan. By distorting historical facts, the results of the Second World War, Japanese officials are trying to achieve their economic and political interests. Apparently, this is what the participants of the picket tried to convey to the public.

Источник: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1213776?ref=feeds%2Flatest

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