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I know why people like me, love the night.

After all, the night always gives freedom.

What responsibilities require to perform morning, afternoon, evening, even? Freshen up, make breakfast, go to school / work, study / work, go to the store, and an infinite number of infinitely delatdelatdelat.

What asks the night? Sleep. That's all. All you have to do is go to bed. Night waiting for just that. And if she needed only a dream, then I give it up, all the time belongs only to you, complete freedom. There is a sense that something you should do, you should not just sit, because you are waiting for what is the case. You do not sleep, so what? This is the only time when you can call no one, no one can come to you, according to the rules, you can not be bothered at night, so it is not accepted.

Complete freedom and peace of rest from everything.

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