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Cath some new words with examples of their usage.

1) to portray - описывать

Each writer has been allowed only a single story: the aim has not been to portray the career of any writer, but the collective career of the pre-World War Two American story itself...

2) compelling - неотразимый

...its achievments, its history, its constantly changing but always compelling face.

3) heritage - наследие, наследство

It's a plain and an undeniable truism that "story-telling is a broadly popular art," as the Italian novelist and critic P.M. Pasinetti noted in 1959, introducing yet another collection of tales out of yet another nation's narrative heritage.

4) clarity - ясность

In 1831, Robert Brown, a Scottish botanist, could see plant cells with such clarity that he noticed spots in the middle of them.

5) vague - смутный, неопределенный

He seemed vague about the source of the quotation.

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