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Песня, которую The Tiger Lillies написали, но никогда не исполняют. Мартин Жак написал, и я по молодости-глупости к нему приставала с вопросом, отчего нет. Теперь понимаю, отчего нет, но все равно хочу слышать:

And the sailors, they sing sad songs,

About the sea that eats them whole.

And the sailors they sing sad songs,

Food for fishes shoals.

And the wind it blows inland,

And the death you can smell.

Smashed on rocks and smashed on boulders,

Smashed in living hell.

And their loved ones wait for hours,

Await the fate of the cruel sea

And if loved ones don't return,

There's no security.

Just the work-house when they grow old,

To lay their weary heads,

And the sound of the sea singing

Until they are dead.

And the sea that bears its harvest

It exacts a heavy toll,

Mothers, fathers, brothers, uncles,

With no corpses to behold.

Sailing out into the darkness,

Every day of the year.

Sailing out into the darkness,

With a prayer, and with fear

And with fear,

With a prayer, and with fear.

And with fear.

The Tiger Lillies - sailors
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