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Dmitry Leus: “Risk management is the bank’s most important task”

Every retail bank operates within its own risks universe. Some banks take less than a few minutes to give credit at incredibly high rates. Others credit at lower rates, but take weeks to scrutinize you. We have spoken to Dmitry Leus, Chairman of Bank , about risk management, the reasons behind the spectacular growth of the Russian mortgage market, and about his Bank’s expansion plans.

- Bank launched a 500m roubles capital increase in December last year, pushing the Bank’s overall capitalization to 1.5bn roubles as a result. Why did the Bank increase its equity and which opportunities came with growth?

Photo: “Bank ”

- Dmitry Leus: A capital increase is always good news for a bank, as it allows us to better meet the requirements and guidelines set forth by the Central Bank of Russia (CBR). Secondly, it gives us room for expansion. For example, CBR Instruction...

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Reflected Optimism

The monthly journal “The Banking Review” and the banking portal Banki.ru have spoken with industry experts and collected their forecasts for 2012. Prudence is the dominant mood, but no one is expecting a crash. There is consensus that the regulator and credit institutions have learned their lessons from the past.

Dmitry Leus - Chairman of Bank

For objective reasons, the likelihood of a crisis in Russia is significantly lower than in Europe at present. Our banking system is stronger than before and better prepared to withstand severe shocks to the economy. Overall, the regulator and the banking system are better placed than in 2008 to deal with adverse scenarios.

Banks will certainly be making profits the same way as before. However, the probability of credit defaults and lower margins from securities trading has increased. For 2012, we expect three main risks in...

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The Russian mortgage market in 2011 Dmitry Isaakovich Leus

The crisis years of 2008 and 2009 were characterized by a major decline in all types of lending. Most affected was the sector of long-term personal loans, especially mortgage lending. Dmitry Isaakovich Leus

From January to November 2011, the volume of new mortgages reached RUB 536.7bn. These figures even exceeded the pre-crisis level of 2008, as over 392 752 new mortgage loans were issued to the population. Compared with the same period of the previous year - when the authorities began to actively criticize the situation - the number of loans doubled. Dmitry Isaakovich Leus

The number of loans issued over 2011 is thus in line with official forecasts. In addition to being a case of successful government intervention, these indicators give reason to believe that 2011 will surpass 2008 in total mortgage volume.

This situation was heavily criticized by the government, which was trying...

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Автор: Леус Дмитрий Исаакович

Наличие или отсутствие собственного капитала определяет ваше положение в обществе. Точно также и в банковской сфере, собственный капитал определяет ценность и значимость актива. Но бывают и исключение, приятные для потенциальных инвесторов. Речь идет о банке «Санкт-Петербург» крупнейшем банке Северо-Западного региона.

Банк «Санкт-Петербург» был основан ещё на заре перестроечных лет, и в текущем году отпраздновал свой четверть вековой юбилей. Банк придерживался эволюционного развития, особо не увлекаясь скупкой других игроков на рынке, и имея ряд благосклонностей от властей одноименного города. В настоящее время входит в лидирующую двадцатку российских банков по размеру собственного капитала. Основными акционерами выступает менеджмент банка и ряд иностранных фондов.

Банк в 2013 году провел дополнительный выпуск акций, практически в 1,5 раза увеличив их количество, а также имелся один крупный...

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