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Would you choose taking a risk or pass doing so?

I greet everyone who reads this topic, named "Taking a risk: Yes, comming everything or nothing".
I'd like to talk about this problem and share my books with you. Taking a risk is quite a complex problem nowadays. People usually choose the "safe route" and bypass any danger at all. But is it worth skipping an opportunity of getting a solid gain to "slowly, but surely" move onwards? People think it is worth. But in my honest opinion it is not quite and not always worth doing so. Risk, as is, is a great opportunity to raise up quite a lot in any field, but if you fail, it will cost you a lot. Although, you can always get to the point risk provides you to by using a safe route, without being worried about a potential faliure. I could rephrase this all day long, but the point is clear enough now, as far as I see. I would definitely take a risk if I'd be given such, no matter what the falirue would be. Why? Because...

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"You make your choices, and you live with the consequences."

My greetings to everyone who is reading this. What do you think about making choices? Do you ask yourself before making them - do I do this or this? And what do you choose: giving a shot or stepping back of making choices? Comparing to my life experience this is most difficult and sufferful choise in a man's life. Do you prefer suffering of not making choices and stepping back or consequences of made choices? Give me your answers in the comment section down below.

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